Dedicated to keeping Montefiore Park a beautiful, accessible & lively public park in the heart of Hamilton Heights, NYC.

Park Redesign

****UPDATE (7/14/2015)****

The Montefiore Park & Plaza design by Thomas Balsley Associates/URS Corporation was honored with one of 10 Excellence in Design Awards, presented at the 33rd annual awards ceremony at the new Whitney Museum of American Art. It was the only park among all the honorees. 


UPDATE (5/26/2015)

The Montefiore Park & Plaza design has been advancing through the appropriate channels, and MPNA should have the latest draft of the design to share shortly.


UPDATE (12/27/13)

Read the approved Montefiore Park Expansion Project CB#9 resolution here.



UPDATE 12/21/13

Thursday December 19, 2013, at the General Meeting, CB9 passed a Resolution put forth by the Parks Committee in support of the Montefiore Park redesign plan! Hip, hip, hurray! Park volunteers and MPNA’s partnering organizations were there to cheer the occasion.Concept Plan Thomas Balsely Associates

We applaud the dedicated MONTEFIORE PARK REDESIGN team –  MPNA, Health Heritage & Housing, Harlem CDC, DOT, NYCDPR and DDC – for their enthusiasm and perseverance. We also commend Thomas Balsley Associates and URS for their continued collaborative spirit.

The Hamilton Place site was accepted into the very first round of DOT’s approved Plaza Program sites and the initial announcement was made in 2008. Now the process is in the Design and Construction Commission’s court. Besides the MONTEFIORE PARK REDESIGN, there are six other sites underway.

Notably the Montefiore Park/Hamilton Place site is the only site called a “Park & Plaza”; the others are all either Plaza or Square.

Montefiore Park Redesign proposed timeline is as follows:

December 2013: Incorporate CB9 Comments

Fall 2015: Design Completion

Spring 2014: Public Design Commission Review

Spring 2015: Estimated Construction Start

Winter 2018: Estimated Construction Completion!


**** UPDATE 12/11/13 ****

CLICK HERE to view the DOT presentation from December 4, 2013.

View & come show support at the CB#9 Executive Board meeting, Thursday, December 13, 2013, 6:30 pm. 630 Riverside Drive.

CB( Parks Committee will be putting forth a Resolution in support of the redesign. Come cheer on the process.


***** UPDATE 11/26/13 *****


Design discussions and developments have continued throughout the Summer and Fall engaging DPR, DOT, DDC, HCDC, Health Heritage and Housing and Montefiore Park Neighborhood Association. A presentation to  Community Board 9 will take place on December 4 at 6:30PM  at the joint Landmarks/Preservation /Parks Committee Meeting (583 Riverside Drive) and at the Uniformed Services/Transportation Commitee Thursday Dec 5, 2013 at 6:30PM (18 Old Broadway). JOIN US TO SEE A DRAFT DESIGN OF THE NEW MONTEFIORE PARK.



As a selected site for NYC Department of Transportation’s Plaza Program, Montefiore Park and Hamilton Place will undergo a redesign.  MPNA is partnering with Heritage Health & Housing and Harlem Community Development Corporation to gather community input and grow support for a new vision for an expanded Montefiore Park that will incorporate the adjacent section of Hamilton Place. We anticipate that the redesign of Montefiore Park will transform the current “gated” green area into an open, inviting and recreational park for the community to enjoy.

On Saturday May 4, 2013 the first public visioning workshop hosted by DOT, was held  at PS 161 Pedro Albizu Campos (499 West 133rd St). Adding their ideas to the brainstorming were kids, adults, and senior citizens. The list of community recommendations from this exciting meeting are listed below.


  1. Bilingual Signage
  2. Passive Space
  3. Sustainable, Recycled Pavement
  4. Space for vendors
  5. Relocate Bus Stop – present location is dangerous for pedestrians
  6. Access to water for drinking and gardening
  7. Plaza space/Open flexible space
  8. Promenade
  9. Better lighting for security
  10. Bike share at 138th Street
  11. Lush planting, keep trees, Keep park green
  12. Wi–Fi
  13. Year-round Farmers’ Market
  14. Amphitheater/performance space
  15. Large water Fountain as  a meeting/focal point
  16. A quiet slope end of park
  17. children’s playground
  18. Redirect pedestrian traffic
  19. Make it a multi-generational park
  20. Water for kids to cool off
  21. Remove fences & Add access to grassy areas
  22. Game tables, an area to play Bocce
  23. Benches
  24. A Pond or waterfall
  25. A drinking fountain
  26. Activities for small children and senior citizens
  27. Small playground
  28. Gardening Activities
  29. Flea Market
  30. Close street completely
  31. A focal point in park, i.e. Christmas Tree and Water Fountain
  32. A gathering space

Children’s Group:

  1. Chess tables
  2. Seats / benches
  3. Playground
  4. Water Fountain
  5. Lots of trees
  6. A pond
  7. Fountain and Path
  8. Wi-Fi
  9. A walkway
  10. A big clock tower

Join the discussion on Facebook and at the second Public Visioning Workshop in the Fall 2013, to give feedback on several proposed models of the redesign of Montefiore Park.  Contribute your thoughts on ways to enhance the public space,  create safe streets, and review local traffic conditions.